ETCO Introduces Locking Ring Terminals Ideal for Automation Equipment

A broad line of locking ring terminals that are ideally suited for use in automation equipment because of their oversized teeth and reliable F-crimp design has been introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Bradenton, Florida.

ETCO Locking Ring Terminals are offered in tinned-brass, plain brass, and stainless steel and attach to 12-22 gauge wire using an F-crimp for a more secure connection than conventional flag ears.

Featuring four teeth that extend 0.023" from the terminal surface and are 92% of the thickness of the ring itself, each tooth has a 40-degree angle that provides sharp wedges which penetrate into painted or plain metal surfaces to stay in place.

Available with stud holes ranging from #2 through #10, ETCO Locking Ring Terminals are ideal for use in robotic arms and pick-and-place equipment subjected to vibration and where maintaining high production uptime is essential. Their robust design bites into metal and anchors the terminal to help prevent unwanted rotation during assembly, handling, and operation which can cause arcing or an electrical short with adjacent terminals.

ETCO Locking Ring Terminals are manufactured in the USA to eliminate supply chain issues.

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[ETCO Introduces Locking Ring Terminals Ideal for Automation Equipment]

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