Okuma Launches New Double-Column Machining Center for Large-Part Machining

Okuma has announced the debut of a new double-column machining center (DCMC). This new machine -- the MCR-BV -- is the seventh machine offered in the company's double-column machine line-up.

Designed as a machine for 5-face machining applications, the MCR-BV is also capable of 5-axis contouring as well as 5-sided heavy milling applications. These heavy-duty applications are made possible through features such as a powerful integral motor and spindle, an expanded work envelope, and a very rigid table which is 30% thicker than previous models, all of which is ideal for large-part machining.

An abundant range of attachment heads are compatible with the machine, allowing for a wide range of unique part shapes to be created, as well as many multitasking machining functions to be performed.

Additional machine features include a fast automatic tool changer (ATC) and a smaller, faster auto attachment changer (AAC), both of which allow this DCMC to greatly increase productivity while performing heavy cutting or high-accuracy finishing.

Key Specs of the MCR-BV Double-Column Machining Center:

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[Okuma Launches New Double-Column Machining Center for Large-Part Machining]

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