Modular Automation System Ideal for Loading/Unloading Parts in Minimal Space

For manufacturers seeking highly flexible automation, GF Machining Solutions has introduced its System 3R WorkPartner 1+ (WPT 1+) modular automation systems for milling, EDM, wire-cutting EDM and laser micro machining applications.

The system maximizes magazine capacity for loading and unloading both parts and electrodes while also conserving valuable shop floor space.

GF Machining Solutions offers eight WPT 1+ models. Shops can start with a single magazine unit and then add one more as production needs change.

The systems easily serve one or two machines within in a production cell thanks to the flexibility of the magazine capacities and its variants (Light, Heavy or a Rotary magazine), along with fully integrated pneumatic control for gripping devices and table chucks.

Large doors allow for fast and easy loading and unloading to help shorten changeover cycle times for both low and high-volume applications.

For user-friendly WPT 1+ cell management, GF Machining Solutions offers its WorkShopManager (WSM) software. Users can quickly enter necessary cell data in a structured manner and gain a quick, precise overview of their entire process chain with WPT 1+. They can also change the order of job priorities at any time for increased workflow flexibility. WSM lowers the risk of human errors and makes for more stable production processes.

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[Modular Automation System Ideal for Loading/Unloading Parts in Minimal Space]

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