Improved CAD/CAM and "Connected Shop" Software Help Both Large and Small Fabricators

CAMBRIO has released version 22 of the SigmaNEST software suite.

Across the board improvements enhance all areas of the SigmaSUITE product portfolio, including CAD/CAM nesting for router, bevel, punch, and cut-to-length, and also expands "Connected Shop" capabilities that will help both large and small fabricators.

Users will notice the difference right from the start with a redesigned installer that detects all existing products for upgrading. Programmers get a jumpstart with enhanced import capabilities for the latest native CAD formats, such as sketch association to SigmaNEST operations for NX, and 3D part property mapping for SolidWorks.

In addition, the SigmaNEST shape library has been improved to enable super-fast parametric geometry edits for more efficient CAD programming.

SigmaNEST Version 22 introduces a number of UI enhancements, such as options to change the sheet names in the feature tree, granular control over hatching density for reporting visibility, and multiview layout sequencing. Users can also select the correct Machine Bed Drawing directly from the Machine Parameters Config menu to see their stock in relation to the bed size and slat locations.

Finally, SigmaNEST has been re-engineered for direct transactions within SigmaSUITE, creating a 30% speed improvement on processes that required SimTrans transaction manager. Customers that don't have an MRP/ERP connection can upgrade without the cost of SimTrans, and those configurations that require an MRP/ERP connection are now much faster.

SigmaNEST Router is now 3D-capable, allowing users to visualize pocket depths, ramping between Z-level depths, and tool changes. 3D Router allows users to define the optimum cutting method based on the ratio between part geometry shape and material removal, resulting in fewer passes and a more efficient toolpath.

Other products within the SigmaSUITE portfolio have also seen significant updates. SigmaDEVELOP has added flange collar options to transition from rectangle to round/oval shapes, and the ability transition zero-radius corners on a rectangle to elliptical shapes. SigmaBEND AP introduces additional machine support, reusable tooling setups for future applications, and support for 3D assembly filters.

As another integrated piece of the Connected Shop, SigmaCTL is now upgraded for better quoting, job creation, and part tracking/unloading. SigmaCTL now works with both SigmaSCHEDULE and Load Manager and is augmented by a new CTL Feedback app to manage programs at the machine.

The Connected Shop solutions also gain important functionality throughout. SigmaSCHEDULE now analyzes jobs for any items that require secondary operations and prioritizes them to allow for better efficiency, a quicker start in production, and reduced idle time. Additionally, Load Manager can now intelligently distribute process tasks within a machine group for better manufacturing capacity with automated load balancing.

Concluding, Engineering VP Glenn Durham says "Team communication is a critical part of manufacturing success. The need to connect all operations and track the workflow throughout the shop is growing in importance. Version 22 is a substantial release and another step towards joining the dots to ensuring our customers are best positioned to benefit from the latest technology advancements and industry drivers."

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[Improved CAD/CAM and "Connected Shop" Software Help Both Large and Small Fabricators]

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