Torque Motor Rotary Table Can Upgrade Your Machine to 3+1 Axis

Huntley, Illinois-Hiwin Corporation offers Series RCV, a line of torque motor rotary tables designed to upgrade a machine tool to a 3+1 axis machine. These rotary tables feature a high-rigidity bearing and deliver high positioning and high repeatability accuracy, owing to an absolute encoder onboard.

Hiwin rotary tables employ a direct-drive torque motor and powerful braking system to ensure excellent acceleration and uniform movements. They are backlash-free and will provide long service life in the most dynamic automation processes.

Compared to a mechanical indexing table, Hiwin rotary tables offer the machine tool builder or end user substantial increases in high speed and high torque characteristics. The torque motor is a reliable alternative in design to worm gears and roller cam systems.

Using a water-cooled torque motor not only reduces thermal deformation, it also increases the working torque and significantly extends the service life of the unit.

Series RCV is offered in 125, 170, 250 and 320mm standard table diameters and the units interface with all popular brands of CNC. Options include tailstock, booster regulator, specific power and encoder cable lengths. The units can be built with various speed, torque, IP Class and other performance characteristics.

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[Torque Motor Rotary Table Can Upgrade Your Machine to 3+1 Axis]

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