Swiss-Type Turning Center's Single Drive Turret Provides High Accuracy with Low Running Costs

Citizen-Cincom's next-generation M532 VIII is a turret-style Swiss-type turning center with a 32-mm capacity. The machine features 12 standard axes, including a B axis for angular drilling and contour milling.

Additional features that lead to improved performance, function, and ease of use include:

New Single Drive Turret: Employed for the first time with Cincom, a single drive mechanism where only the selected rotary tool rotates. Elimination of wasted rotation of non-selected tools enables powerful machining with high accuracy while suppressing heat generation, vibration, and loss of power. It also extends the lives of gears and bearings and reduces running costs.

B axis with 3 rotary tools on the gang tool post (type VIII): The B axis is the slant axis in reference to the Y-axis direction. When drilling a slanted hole on a conventional machine the adjustable angle spindle was required, but now rotary tools incorporating a B axis can be used to change the angle continuously allowing you to handle slanted holes at a number of angles. Contouring with simultaneous 4-axis control is also possible (the angle range is -10° to 95°).

Y-Axis on the Back Tool Post: The back tool post can accommodate holders at 3 positions (2 positions for rotary tools and one for fixed tools) and up to nine tools can be used. All 3 rows are under Y3 axis control. The specifications of the outer diameter milling spindle (GSC1310), 3-drilling spindle (GSE1510), and 3-sleeve holder (GDF1501) are common to those used on the gang tool post and they can be used both on the gang tool post and the back tool post.

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[Swiss-Type Turning Center's Single Drive Turret Provides High Accuracy with Low Running Costs]

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