Exair Webinar: Pneumatic Industrial Vacuums

Break the Cycle of Replacing Electric Shop Vacuums

Get educated on pneumatic industrial vacuums so you can break the cycle of replacing electric shop vacuums.

Industrial environments often present a continual battle to keep them clean and safe. Unavoidable by-products of manufacturing processes include liquid and solids which often present hazards to personnel, products and processes. Solids may be trim, dusts, or chips from a manufacturing line; liquids may be coolant spills, coating overspray, or even burst packages.

Cleaning up these materials often falls on the operators of the equipment who need reliable, adaptable, safe and effective tools for cleanup. Supplying them with tools which fail frequently or do not meet the requirements of the safety team is a recipe for disaster. Having an industrial, purpose-built vacuum that can easily fit the demands of the task at hand is where a pneumatic vacuum excels.

EXAIR Industrial Vacuums present multiple advantages over their electrical counterparts. Watch this webinar to gain an understanding of how pneumatic vacuums can reduce the maintenance, increase reliability, and improve flexibility for your facility.

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[Exair Webinar: Pneumatic Industrial Vacuums]

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