Industry's First Four-Flute Solid Carbide Drill

As the industry's first four-flute solid carbide drill, the CERATIZIT WTX-HFDS sports an innovative pyramid-point geometry that distributes cutting forces equally to all cutting edges for longer overall tool life and precise, aggressive performance in steel and other materials.

The Dragonskin coating reduces the coefficient of friction and heat.

CERATIZIT’s innovative Dragonskin multi-layer coating lowers heat and lessens tool wear. To prevent cutting edge waste and detect wear easily, the gold-colored TiN outer layer of the Dragonskin multilayer coating acts as an indicator. It enables users to identify wear clearly and index before a breakage while it prevents sharp cutting edges from going unused or an insert being discarded prematurely. In addition, a mechanical post-coating treatment produces beneficial residual stress in the coating for increased process security.

Optimal cooling via four continuous internal spiral coolant holes retains core stability for safe, effective performance and reduced tool costs, while four chip flutes provide secure and quick evacuation. Low burr formation on hole entries and exits eliminates the need for time-consuming secondary processing.

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[Industry's First Four-Flute Solid Carbide Drill]

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