Metrology-Grade Rotary Axis Table Improves Productivity Up to 40%

RPI has expanded its metrology product range with the launch of OctoScan, improving productivity by up to 40%.

OctoScan is a highly accurate rotary axis enhancing the measurement capability of portable measurement arms. It enables objects that are larger than the standard reach of the portable arm to be easily and accurately recorded.

This new rotary positioning system provides additional flexibility to the measurement process, minimizing errors and increasing accuracy for otherwise difficult to reach areas with an overall increase in measurement volume.

OctoScan is also built with convenience in mind with wireless functionality and highly portable around a production line. It can be integrated with any measurement arm or portable CMM (coordinate-measuring machine).

The universally compatible design enables very easy set-up. Additionally, OctoScan has been designed so that parts can be fixed into place in many different ways. Its built-in magnets and multiple threaded fixing holes allow for an element of bespoke fixing.

Octoscan's high accuracy and portability mean that it is one of the most efficient rotary positioning systems commercially available.

It has been shown that, thanks to its full access to, say, larger parts, and using only a single set up, OctoScan is able to increase overall workplace productivity by up to 40%, while also significantly minimizing human error and fatigue.

This is due to it eliminating the need for repeat measurements of certain parts that would typically stand outside the measurement range. Octoscan has a radial and axial runout of 1 micrometer and coning of axis ± 0.5 arcseconds.

Peter Marchbank, RPI’s Managing Director, said: "The one thing people are going to notice almost immediately is the increased efficiency it brings to the workplace and when considering its increased measurement volume and enhanced accuracy, repeat measurements and human error will become less of a problem.

"Its ergonomic design is allowing it to be moved all over the production line, almost anywhere that it is needed."

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[Metrology-Grade Rotary Axis Table Improves Productivity Up to 40%]

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