"Crazy" Mills and Drills Offer High-Performance Geometries and Solutions for Titanium

Mikron Tool's new CrazyMill Cool Micro with integrated cooling is a new type of high-performance micro milling cutter for roughing and finishing difficult-to-machine materials. It's available in diameters from .008" -- .039" (0.2 - 1.0 mm) with a milling depth of up to 5 x d.

Thanks to material-specific cutting-edge geometries, which were specially developed for the different machining behavior of materials, the new micro milling cutter combines excellent cutting ability with high stability. The result is a significantly higher removal volume with high shape accuracy and a longer tool life.

New Drilling Technology for Titanium

The high-performance material titanium is a machining challenge. In addition: not all titanium is the same. Pure titanium and alloyed titanium, for instance, both present different machining characteristics.

That's why Mikron Tool has developed perfectly tailored drills for the various types of titanium: the CrazyDrill Titanium PTC for pure titanium and the CrazyDrill Titanium ATC for alloyed titanium, both guarantee ambitious cutting values and process reliability. This development offers enormous innovative power for the titanium processing industry -- a drill for all types of titanium.

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["Crazy" Mills and Drills Offer High-Performance Geometries and Solutions for Titanium]

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