New Tool Grinding Machine Perfect for Small and Medium Diameters

WALTER, a brand of UNITED GRINDING, introduces the new HELITRONIC MINI PLUS.

Whether producing complete tools or regrinding, the new HELITRONIC MINI PLUS can fit your needs as a cost-effective basic machine or as a fully automated tool grinding system.

"The basic version of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS can be individually configured with numerous efficiency options and various loading systems -- right up to a fully equipped high-end tool grinding machine for all current and future applications in the small and medium diameter range," explains Siegfried Hegele, Product Manager Applications at WALTER.

The basis for the extraordinary flexibility of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS is the unique WALTER gantry design. The economical production of common and complex geometries of tools with a diameter range of 1mm -- 16mm (0.04" -- 0.63") in one clamping is guaranteed by the powerful HSK belt spindle with two spindle ends for up to six grinding wheels.

In addition, the revolutionary C.O.R.E. hardware and software architecture with intuitive operation facilitates machine set-up, operation, networking and maintenance.

WALTER offers a wide range of options for the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS for application-specific configuration. These include, for example, an automatic grinding wheel changer for up to six grinding wheel holders (maximum diameter 152.4 mm [6"]) including coolant supply lines, which ensures a safe wheel set change and offers maximum flexibility.

In addition, for machines equipped with the grinding wheel changer, a "torque increase" option is available which increases torque and removal rate by up to 60 percent, guaranteeing maximum productivity.

For the automation of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS, users can choose between a top loader and a robot loader, with three different equipment packages, for even greater flexibility. The top loader integrated into the workspace is a space-saving and cost-effective automation solution. Depending on the tool diameter, it offers up to 500 tool locations. Using the robot loader, up to 7,500 tools can be loaded depending on the type of tools or tool diameter. The maximum tool weight is 11 pounds (five kg), the maximum diameter 4.9" (125 millimeters).

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[New Tool Grinding Machine Perfect for Small and Medium Diameters]

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