Mercado Lite: Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers Can Now Digitize Their Supply Chains

Mercado Labs, producer of an import order management system (iOMS), has revealed a new product for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to accelerate the digital transformation of their import supply chains.

"Mercado Lite" will, for the first time, enable small-to-medium-sized importers to digitally manage their purchase orders -- without the heavy implementation and costly investment that legacy import management systems require today.

Such platforms tend to require on-premise installation, provide limited connectivity with suppliers, and require an expensive months-long configuration and installation process. With costs that quickly exceed $1 million per year, import order management technology has been largely impractical for all but the largest importers.

Mercado began to change that when it launched two years ago, providing the world's first comprehensive, cloud-based import order management system to connect importers and their suppliers in a fully digital, networked, and automated environment that implements standard import management protocols. Costing less than 10% of legacy systems, Mercado made import order management systems accessible to an entirely new class of importers.

Now, with the launch of Mercado Lite, Mercado has done it again. By eliminating the need for time-intensive configuration, Mercado Lite now ensures that virtually every importer can implement an import management system.

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[Mercado Lite: Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers Can Now Digitize Their Supply Chains]

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