Shops Can Increase Productivity Up to 60% by Switching to Automated Pallet Changer

For a job shop to increase productivity without incurring unnecessary cost it needs to gain more value from its existing machinery. Whether you're running a large production job or multiple programs, you don't want to let the spindle sit idle.

One way to prevent an idle spindle is to change parts while your machine is cutting. Idle time on your machining center can cost hours of revenue over one week. Imagine how much is lost in a month or a year in production idle time.

MIDACO is presenting a solution to help make machining more efficient. According to the company, adding a Pallet Changer to your existing machine will increase productivity by 50-60% or more. This reduces the cost per man hour per piece which helps manufacturers compete with lower cost labor countries.

MIDACO's shuttle system is integrated with your machine's control panel to automatically switch pallets onto a receiver mounted directly to the machine table. You can attend to other tasks as the pallet changer switches out the next batch of parts in seconds, virtually eliminating your spindle idle time. Operators can load the next batch of parts while the machining center continues cutting.

In recent years MIDACO expanded its line of pallet changers to accommodate the need for large precision parts machined to tight tolerances for the aerospace, energy, automotive, military, power generation, oil and gas industries. These jobs can cause significant spindle downtime due to the long and involved process of heavy, large part change over.

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[Shops Can Increase Productivity Up to 60% by Switching to Automated Pallet Changer]

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