First Ever 8K Projector Designed for SLA 3D Printing

Offering 8K resolution with Visitech's proprietary next-generation illumination technology, Visitech's newest LRS-8KA projector offers machine builders up to 4x improvement in productivity. At FormNext, you can see and experience how this compact and powerful sub-system will be in the heart of future production SLA 3D printers.

Next Generation UV Power Visitech has developed a 6th generation LED illumination solution that provides superior power output for maximum printing speed. The sophisticated driver design maintains constant power dosing through the operation. A complete, liquid cooled thermal solution provides the necessary heat management of critical components while mitigating the incursion of particles into the optical system.

In addition, the compact, modular design is designed for easy replacement, simplifying maintenance routines in industrial settings.

"We see the LRS-8KA empowering the next generation of SLA machine designs through our superior optics, mechanics and electronics," says Alfred Jacobsen, Visitech Engineering Managing Director. "Visitech pioneered scrolling DLP additive manufacturing, and we continue our leadership by providing our customers the highest performance technology for their applications."

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[First Ever 8K Projector Designed for SLA 3D Printing]

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