"Hey Robot! Follow Me"

The EffiBOT (AMR) is a versatile autonomous mobile robot that allows collaborative "follow me" and autonomous use.

This versatility, paired with cutting edge navigation features and a durable design that permits use in all-weather environments, makes the EffiBOT an excellent option to introduce or to further your facility's automation efforts.

Effidence Robotic Solutions are dedicated to improving logistics performance in warehouses, production facilities, and industrial environments. These robotic vehicles offset rising fulfillment costs and improve profitability, productivity, and accuracy.

VIDEO: EffiBOT -- The Latest Technology for Autonomously Moving Material

A&M Industrial distributes the full line of Effidence Robotic Logistic Solutions, including EffiBOT AGV/AMR Compact Material Transport Robots, Effibot-T Tugger Robotized Tuggers, and EffiBOT-P Robotic Pallet Stackers.

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A&M Industrial/Effidence

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["Hey Robot! Follow Me"]

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