Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Eliminators Ensure Clean Air and Cleaner Surfaces

Mass-Vac, Inc. has introduced a line of vacuum pump oil mist eliminators that remove harmful oil vapors that can endanger personnel and settle onto furniture and equipment.

MV Oil Mist Eliminators remove harmful oil vapors from a vacuum pump's exhaust stream with 99.9999% efficiency in order to maintain safer and cleaner facilities. Ensuring clean, oil-free air for personnel, they are offered in three sizes for pumps up to 300 CFM and use replaceable 0.1 micron pore size micro-fiberglass coalescing filter elements.

Easily installed on a vacuum pump's exhaust port, MV Oil Mist Eliminators come in three models: Midi-Mist® 4" dia. that uses one filter element and the Midi-Mist® 8" which has three filters and the Maxi-Mist® 10" with five. Fully RoHS compliant, they can be configured to recirculate costly pump fluids and larger sizes are also available for externally vented pumps.

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[Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Eliminators Ensure Clean Air and Cleaner Surfaces]

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