New, Economical Face Milling Family Improves Chip Evacuation While Maintaining High Surface Quality

A new highly economical face milling family from Dormer Pramet has launched, covering a wide range of applications with negative octagonal and square inserts, along with a variety of shell mills.

The latest Pramet range includes three variants of a 16-edged ONMX insert for depths of cut up to 0.157" (4mm). The standard geometries include the F for light operations, M for versatile use, and R for rough cuts in a variety of materials. Additionally, the 8-edged ONMX-W is a specific wiper insert for high-quality surface finish with large cutters and high feed rate.

VIDEO: Pramet SON06C -- Economical 16-Edged Face Milling

Along with the Pramet ONMX inserts, the global manufacturer has added a range of 8-edged SNMX inserts for higher metal removal rate. This includes an M chip breaker for medium machining and an R geometry for roughing, both for depths of cut up to 0.275" (7mm) in various materials.

All the new face milling inserts can be used with Dormer Pramet's new shell cutter body. The Pramet ISON06 is available in sizes 2-6 inches, and the metric family SON06 is available in range 1.968"-- 9.843" (50-- 250mm).

The assortment is made of high-quality hardened tool steel, to improve durability and process security. Combined with internal coolant systems on the entire range, these tools improve chip evacuation to achieve a high surface quality.

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[New, Economical Face Milling Family Improves Chip Evacuation While Maintaining High Surface Quality]

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