Farsoon's All-New 3D System Offers One of the Largest Metal Laser Sintering Build Volumes on the Market

Farsoon has developed an all-new industrial scale metal laser sintering system with up to 1.7 meter Z height and with a focus on extended build cylinder volume and maximum productivity per laser.

Developed with a focus on large build size, Farsoon's FS621M features one of the largest metal laser sintering build volumes in the additive market, with a build platform size of 24.4"x24.4" (620x620mm) and a vertical axis up to 66.9" (1.7 meters). This expansive build envelope opens new possibilities for large-scale metal production that couldn't be built before in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and many others.

VIDEO: Farsoon FS621M: Extra Large-format Metal Production System

The FS621M can be equipped with a powerful single 1000W laser or quad 500W lasers allowing for great rates of production. In addition, the FS621M like all Farsoon systems is a truly open platform that offers the user a high degree of control to tailor build parameters for cost-competitive metal additive manufacturing. An advanced dynamic 3-axis scanning system, powerful build process controls & real-time recoating monitoring ensure the best build quality.

The FS621M's integrated filter module features a secondary circulating system and a dual-station filter design that allows for the exchanging of filters without disturbing the build process.

The FS621M powder handling processes share a common powder container design which is used during loading, unloading, and sieving procedures. These containers offer fully-sealed powder handling, easy transportation between the stations, and safe storage of powder. This partially closed powder system allows for the capability of continuous feeding of powder to the build while retaining the ability to easily exchange and monitor powder quality.

The large-frame FS621M metal system offers an unparalleled production edge for large-scale applications that favor a higher Z axis. Taking the feedback from the broad industrial user base from aerospace, oil & gas, and energy sectors, the FS621M system is fully optimized for batch production capabilities with materials such as titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, nickel-based superalloys, stainless steels, and maraging steels.

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[Farsoon's All-New 3D System Offers One of the Largest Metal Laser Sintering Build Volumes on the Market]

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