How Cobots Can Transform Your Shop

Is your machine shop facing labor shortages for essential jobs such as machine tending, welding and surface finishing? In its ebook, OnRobot provides answers to the most common questions about collaborative automation, including which applications to automate; how to fit your robot on the shop floor; how to achieve high-mix, low-volume production success; and how collaborative automation can help with employee safety.

With the dawn of smarter, more adaptive tooling, robots can now function with greater speed, strength, safety and precision, accomplishing a wide range of tasks, while maximizing ROI.

Automating various jobs increases safety for your workers and frees them up for higher level tasks. Plus, it also increases productivity and allows for production to continue after operators have left the workshop, meaning you can take on bigger jobs.

VIDEO: High Mix Low Volume Manufacturing Automation with Collaborative Applications

Learn more on how you can enable faster production at lower costs by downloading OnRobot's free eBook.

OnRobot eBook

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[How Cobots Can Transform Your Shop]

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