2-Piece Vise Now Enhanced with V-Jaws -- Perfect for Holding Shafts and Rounds

Phillips Precision has introduced the new V-Jaws for the Inspection Arsenal® Spanner-Vise™. The upgrade addresses the unique challenge of holding shafts and rounds for inspection.

The new V-Jaws can be easily mounted to the Spanner-Vise™. The Spanner model is a two-piece vise that can infinitely adjust to accommodate most any size part. Aluminum Step-Jaws come standard with the vise, but Centers Jaws and now the new V-Jaws are also available to enhance this versatile tool even further.

The V-Jaws are specifically engineered to securely hold shafts and rounds ranging from .500" to 1.625" in diameter. This remarkable capability ensures compatibility with a wide variety of part sizes, making it an ideal choice for diverse inspection needs.

Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, the V-Jaws are also machinable so you can easily customize to various part geometries, ensuring optimal grip and stability during inspections.

Notable features of the Spanner-Vise™ V-Jaws include:

VIDEO: Spanner-Vise™ with Sliding Plate

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Phillips Precision/Inspection Arsenal

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[2-Piece Vise Now Enhanced with V-Jaws -- Perfect for Holding Shafts and Rounds]

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