New TriLock 3-in-1 Vise Quickly Changes Between Multiple Complex Part Shapes

Minneapolis-based Kurt Workholding has launched the Kurt TriLock product line, featuring 3-in-1 vise design and integrated quick-change dovetail jaws from newly acquired CARVESMART.

Six-inch Kurt TriLock vises quickly convert between three vise sizes and double-station or single-station configurations. CARVESMART dovetail jaws come standard for maximum workholding flexibility. Preinstalled hardened steel jaw plates can quickly convert to CARVESMART machinable aluminum jaw extrusions or a wide variety of other CARVESMART jaw plate options for custom part holding and high-variability production work.

"The new TriLock vise is a leap forward in vise functionality for Kurt's customers," said Jeff Lenz, Executive Vice President of Proprietary Products at Kurt Manufacturing. "A shop can purchase a single TriLock vise, keep an inventory of CARVESMART machinable jaw extrusions, and quickly change between multiple complex part shapes on multiple jobs."

VIDEO: Kurt TriLock Vise with CARVESMART Jaws

TriLock vises with CARVESMART jaws are on sale now with preinstalled hard jaws and a set of 6" extruded machinable aluminum jaws. Additional jaw extrusions are available with 5 different profile options in precut 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch widths. Jaw extrusions are compatible with the TriLock vise's dovetail movable jaws and with other CARVESMART master jaw kits currently in the marketplace (at right). 31" and 94" extrusions are also available for customers.

TL6CSP TriLock Vises are designed to quickly convert between a standard 6-inch double-station vise, a single-station vise and a large single station vise -- and can hold parts as large as 11 inches.

"The CARVESMART dovetail jaw system was created to help shops with a handful of machines manage high-variability jobs and multiple parts," said Bill Ehnstrom, CARVESMART founder. "The dream was not only to produce great accessory jaw plates, but to bring a complete CARVESMART vise to market. Joining the Kurt team lets us help to bring the TriLock vise to market and to expand into additional product lines."

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