Latest TuffCut®; End Mills Offer "Extreme" Finishes

The M.A. Ford®; TuffCut®; 3D XFO and XFO-AL series tangential radius form allows for high accuracy finishing of large drafted/radiused surfaces and blended fillets with one tool. The series design will enable machining with a large stepover during finishing & semi-finishing operations with high accuracy & efficiency. With their tight tolerances and wide range of material suitability this tool is best used in the aerospace, medical, motorsport, and die/mold industry.

The XFO series has 4-6 flutes, with metric sizes from 6mm to 12mm. It's coated with ALtima®; Q which allows for optimal heat & wear resistance for increased tool life. Its progressive helix & rake angles allow for smooth, vibration free finishing along with enhanced edge preparation for strength and stability.

The XFO's material focus is in stainless steels, titanium, and high-temp alloys which makes it suitable for aerospace components such as blisks and blades. In the Medical field: femoral implants and bone plates, and in the die and mold industry in steels and hardened steels up to 50 HRC.

The XFO-AL series has 3-4 flutes, with metric sizes from 6mm to 12mm and is coated with a Fordlube coating for increased wear resistance and lubricity. With the enhanced notch design, along with its high shear action, makes this an optimal cutting tool for aluminum machining.

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[Latest TuffCut®; End Mills Offer "Extreme" Finishes]

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