Plasma Cutting System Features New Bevel Head and Autocalibration System

Soitaab's Plasma RED "plug and play" plasma cutting table has been designed to perform at the highest quality and productivity levels. The cutting table is designed to cut ferrous steel and aluminum materials, from thin to medium thicknesses, with plate sizes up to 8 ft wide and 40 ft long,

The Plasma RED table is mostly employed in the steel fabrication and HVAC manufacturing markets.

The Plasma RED can now be equipped with a world-class Bevel Head, making it less expensive than larger machines. This robust, proven bevel design has been one of Soitaab's flagship products for over 15 years, in shipyards, steel service centers, and fabricators around the world. The head is able to precisely bevel cut every conceivable bevel profile, including X, Y, V, and K bevels with ease.

With the new autocalibration system, the calibration is done in a few minutes. By using absolute encoders, gone are the days of using mechanical screws to calibrate a bevel head. Adjustments are made electronically reducing calibration time from hours to just a few minutes.

All the guideways, bearing blocks, and moving parts are protected from flying debris, making the Plasma Red one of the most reliable cutting systems. It exceeds CE safety standards for the utmost in operator safety.

VIDEO: Soitaab Plasma Red with Shuttle Table

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[Plasma Cutting System Features New Bevel Head and Autocalibration System]

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