Suhner’s New ROTOmax 2.2 -- All in One Abrasive Tool

Suhner recently introduced the ROTOmax 2.2, a powerful and universal system unit in which the drive and the tool are run separately using a flexible shaft.

The illustration of the grinding process or work cycles is made possible by saving up to 6 different speeds. The speeds are individually programmable and electronically controlled, ensuring a perfect grinding pattern. The ROTOmax 2.2 is characterized by its simple intuitive handling.

Since the ROTOmax 2.2 can be used almost anywhere, it is put to work in foundries, tool production, aviation technology, boiler making and in mechanical workshops.

The Suhner ROTOmax 2.2 offers applications in cutting machining, grinding, rust removal, brushing or polishing.

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Or, contact: Zach Mann, Sales Manager, Abrasives Division

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[Suhner’s New ROTOmax 2.2 -- All in One Abrasive Tool]

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