Cutting a New Part in 2 Minutes Rather than 30 Minutes. Sound good?

In an effort to grow its operation, Dayton Gear recently partnered with Helios Gear Products to install two new CNC gear hobbers. Since the installation, Adam and Brian Baird, 3rd generation owners, have seen the production capabilities at their facility really kick into gear.

Helios Gear president Adam Gimpert inspects a part with Adam and Brian Baird at Dayton Gear.



Three generations strong, Dayton Gear is a family-owned and grown manufacturer of open gearing since 1946. The Ohio company specializes in gear cutting, and they are a one-stop shop for gearbox repair and rebuilding services.

Dayton's Brian Baird says, "everybody's dream is to have their shop function as a well-oiled machine, and every single year we're making the right strides to get to that dream." So, the folks at Dayton made the decision to purchase two new gear hobbers from Helios Gear Products (South Elgin, Illinois), and the results have been stunning.

VIDEO: Doubling Down on Hera Hobbing | Dayton Gear

"The productivity those things put out is insane. Say a part took 30 minutes on one of our old machines, the Hera 200 is cutting the part in 2 minutes; it's that big of a difference." After experiencing the productivity gains of the Hera 200, "it just proved the point even more to go with the Hera 500," explains Baird.

Helios Gear Products specializes in the parallel axis gear industry, offering machines, consumable tools, and automation systems for gear hobbing, worm and thread milling and shaping, power skiving, and deburring and chamfering.

Dayton Gear excels in providing gear cutting operations for most drive components, including spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, splines, & many others.



Helios continues to support gear manufacturers like Dayton Gear with expert applications, engineering support for machines, consumable tools, and automation systems.

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[Cutting a New Part in 2 Minutes Rather than 30 Minutes. Sound good?]

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