Versatile, Safe and and Easy-to-Use CNC Knee Mill Perfect for Anyone on the Shop Floor

Kent USA's CNC mill with the Acu-Rite MILLPWRG2 control brings powerful CNC capabilities to the tool room with easy- to-learn conversational programming and advanced canned cycles to empower everyone on the shop floor with greater productivity.

The versatile system can be operated manually like a full-function DRO with intelligent power feeds, or automatically with easy-to-use conversational shop floor programming for full CNC operations. Additionally, you can import and run G-code files from CAD/CAM programs. This enables you to machine full 3D contoured parts.

These CNC mills are well-suited for tool rooms and job shops, from prototyping or one-offs to small and medium production runs.

Standardized menus make it easy to program common features; simply press any function key and follow the prompts. Use MILLPWRG2 for arcs, blends and circles in any size, shape or pattern your print requires. There is no need to set up rotary tables or other devices.

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MILLPWRG2 also includes an engrave function for engraving alphanumeric characters vertically, horizontally, diagonally or along an arc. Save time with the skew feature, which enables the user to set up a workpiece without perfectly aligning it along the X and Y-axes. MILLPWRG2 will compensate for the angle offset from start to finish.

The teach position feature allows the operator to use a tool, electronic Edge Finder or indicator to create a program from an existing part.

Every MILLPWRG2 system includes components that have been designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the elements of contamination found in even the harshest machine shop environment.

From the durable operator console to the hardened ballscrews and powerful servo motors, the components of each system are protected with die-cast metal enclosures, sealed keypads and interlocking lipseals to further protect from metal chips and other contaminants.

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[Versatile, Safe and and Easy-to-Use CNC Knee Mill Perfect for Anyone on the Shop Floor]

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