Expanded Thread Mill Line Designed to Machine Higher-Cost, Complex Parts

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA has introduced a significantly expanded line of Thread Mills, including innovative solutions for challenging threading applications and materials such as nickel alloys, titanium, high tensile strength steels, hardened high alloy steels, cast iron, cast aluminum and more.

"To improve productivity and profitability in the most challenging threading applications, we are pleased to offer a significantly broadened line of new and unique thread mills," said Mr. Marlon Blandon. "The science of thread milling is constantly progressing to efficiently machine tougher, higher cost materials and complex parts, and EMUGE-FRANKEN is continually innovating to meet the latest needs."

EMUGE's Solid Carbide Thread Mills distinct tool families include:

New EMUGE Thread Mills in the expanded line include:

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[Expanded Thread Mill Line Designed to Machine Higher-Cost, Complex Parts]

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