Dispensing Robot Ideal for Unattended, Precision Assembly System

Dispense Works Inc. offers an RPX Series robotic dispensing machine which provides the ideal foundation for precision assembly, dispensing and custom solutions required in many of today's industries.

RPX-Series robots -- manufactured in the U.S. -- boast machine tool quality construction, and accuracy to satisfy the most demanding production applications.

Available with an integrated parts transfer system that may be used to automatically load, unload and process bio sensors, printed films, sheets, etc. in and out of the dispensing and assembly areas, for unattended operation.

VIDEO: RPX Series Robots

The latest embedded control system supports multiple vision systems, six axes of servo control and expandable I/O to provide limitless customizing capability and to any level of sophistication.

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[Dispensing Robot Ideal for Unattended, Precision Assembly System]

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