Plug and Play 3-Axis CNC System Fits Through a Standard Door

The DATRON neo was specifically designed and built to provide easy and affordable entry to high-speed milling.

This plug-and-play system features the DATRON next control software, giving you full control over 3-axis milling without requiring years of experience as a machinist. The ergonomic, frontal access to the work area allows for quick and safe setup of workpieces, while the touchscreen control pad lets you tap and swipe your way to fast and precise machining. All of this, and the DATRON neo actually fits through a standard door.

Prototyping and part making have traditionally required either specialized expertise, bulky and costly equipment, or both. Factor in the time and cost of training machinists, space for large equipment, and maintenance needs, and you're looking at a significant investment.


Most companies end up outsourcing or just skipping it -- even though they know that companies making their own prototypes or doing short-run production in-house have a distinct advantage over those who can't. And that's why DATRON created the neo, according to the company.

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[Plug and Play 3-Axis CNC System Fits Through a Standard Door]

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