Siemens Mcenter Platform Improves Efficiency on Your Shop Floor

Siemens is introducing Mcenter, a new manufacturing and resource management platform, designed to enhance the preparation of tool scheduling, workflow supervision and NC program management -- plus Mcenter will smartly and seamlessly network the machine tools with the company's IT / OT landscape.

Looking at the shopfloor today, as companies of all sizes wrestle with the issues of digitalization and improved asset management, the challenges of preparing production orders, materials and tooling acquisitions plus devising the best use of machines on the floor for optimum workflow and output can be daunting.

In response, Siemens offers Mcenter as a solution to these challenges.

VIDEO: Mcenter -- The platform for your efficient shopfloor

Machine tools traditionally communicate with the central server of a machine shop or factory network via clients that are directly integrated into the control. Web applications are used that can easily be accessed via a PC or tablet web browser. In contrast, user dialogs embedded in the CNC's HMI are also provided for tasks performed directly at the machine. Connection to existing IT systems in the production environment can usually be established via application programming interfaces (APIs). Mcenter balances these conditions to achieve the desired outcomes.

Mcenter further helps part manufacturers of all sizes reduce their IT administration complexity through centralized platform functionalities such as connectivity, security roles, rights, application management, etc. and thus forms the backbone of the Siemens Smart Shopfloor protocol.

Siemens offers Mcenter for the optimum management of a machine shop's manufacturing resources, including the following elements: Tool Management, Program Management, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Mcenter further offers the following advantages to shops as they accelerate on the path towards digitalization: Encompasses all machine tools, increases overall productivity with minimal effort, and integrates with existing IT infrastructure.

As Vivek Furtado, the head of machine tool digitalization for Siemens, observes, "Mcenter breaks into a new horizon of overall machine monitoring, comprehensive manufacturing management and resource utilization to produce the ideal workflow and production scenario for any manufacturer with CNC machines."

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[Siemens Mcenter Platform Improves Efficiency on Your Shop Floor]

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