Tormach Unveils its Fastest, Most Accurate, Most Powerful CNC Mill to Date

Tormach introduces its latest innovation: the Tormach 1500MX CNC Mill.

Representing the apex of Tormach's engineering prowess, the 1500MX marks a significant leap forward in power, precision, and affordability within their CNC machining portfolio.

Tormach's new 1500MX is a 3-axis, servo-driven mill on linear rails with an epoxy granite frame that combines professional-grade capabilities with easy-to-use compact versatility, making it ideal for both commercial enterprises and garage-based enthusiasts. This mill offers faster feed rates, increased precision, superior vibration damping, and higher horsepower at a fraction of the cost of competitive models, ensuring accessibility without compromise.

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"For the past 20 years, Tormach has helped our customers make things by offering capable yet affordable CNC machines and accessories, best-in-class control software, and great technical support," said Daniel Rogge, CEO of Tormach. "Our community asked, and we listened, and the new 1500MX mill represents a huge leap forward for Tormach by delivering the higher performance, power, responsiveness, and technology professionals demand."

With an epoxy granite frame made in the U.S., this machine boasts ten times the damping of cast iron, ensuring chatter-free cuts, superior surface finishes, and 30% longer tool life.

Equipped with a robust 4HP, 10K RPM BT30 spindle (with a maximum of 6HP), it delivers ample torque for cutting through various materials and offers enough spindle speed to take advantage of modern carbide tooling. Additionally, every 1500MX is thru-spindle coolant (TSC) ready, facilitating seamless integration of TSC for enhanced drilling efficiency, smoother finishes, part consistency, and extended tool life.

Featuring servo motors with absolute encoders boasting 23-bit accuracy and battery backup, this CNC mill eliminates the need for machine referencing, ensuring uninterrupted precision even between power cycles. Cutting feed rates of up to 1200IPM (XY) reduce cycle times and take advantage of adaptive tool paths.

Other features include a built-in camera for real-time monitoring, error message logs for troubleshooting, and tool rack options for enhanced organization.

Additionally, Tormach allows users to add accessories over time so the machine can grow with their business. Upgrade options such as a 16-tool capacity umbrella style automatic tool changer, a fourth axis harmonic gear reducer, a TSC kit, a washdown bar kit, a wireless probe and tool setter, a mist collector, and a chip conveyor system with lift provide users with unparalleled flexibility to tailor the product to their specific needs.

As with all Tormach machines, the 1500MX operates on the company's free and open source PathPilot® control software, offering users unlimited access to advanced machining functionalities without software lockouts.

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[Tormach Unveils its Fastest, Most Accurate, Most Powerful CNC Mill to Date]

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