Kitamura's Space Saving Mycenter HMC Perfect for High Volume, Regularly Produced Small Parts

Kitamura's Ultra Compact Mycenter-HX250iG Horizontal Machining Center is designed for high-speed, highly productive intricate machining of small components.

With a 2.33 x 2.95m (7.7' x 9.7') footprint, the space saving machine is the smallest HMC in Kitamura's line up. It comes with a 2-Station APC with a high speed 4th axis -- 108,000deg/min (300rpm) rapids, along with X,Y,Z axis rapid feeds of 60m/min (2,362ipm).

The machine comes with a powerful 15k 15HP direct drive spindle. A high-speed 30k spindle is optional. High-speed tool changes of 0.9 seconds T-T can be completed.

VIDEO: Kitamura's Ultra Compact 30-Taper Mycenter-HX250iG Horizontal Machine

Ultra high-speed processing is possible with the Arumatik-Mi CNC control.

This #30 taper machine can cut like a #40 taper and takes up next to no floor space. With the ability to add 102 tools, a 10-station pallet pool and 5th axis capabilities (on both pallets if necessary) in the field, the flexibility of this machine will take your ROI to new levels.

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[Kitamura's Space Saving Mycenter HMC Perfect for High Volume, Regularly Produced Small Parts]

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