Enhanced Waterjet Features New CNC Control, CAD/CAM Software, and Tilter Cutting Head

Flex Machine Tools, an American manufacturer, has partnered with IGEMS of Sweden to integrate the FlexJet Waterjet Series with IGEMS CNC Control, CAD/CAM Software, and Hardware.

The FlexJet Series now features enhanced capabilities due to IGEMS' software and hardware such as the advanced Tilter 5-axis waterjet cutting head, Snapper camera for optimal positioning, Rounder kinematic compensation tool, and Straighter perpendicular angle tool.

These improvements are designed to cater to the intricate needs of diverse materials and cutting requirements, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in waterjet cutting processes. Adding to the technological advancements, the FlexJet will also be equipped with IGEMS' HMI and Beckhoff's state-of-the-art industrial PC. This integration signifies a significant leap in operational control and user experience, offering intuitive interfaces and robust performance.

VIDEO: FlexJet: Custom-Built Waterjet

With this partnership, customers in North America can expect to experience enhanced cutting performance and increased productivity, thereby transforming their operational capabilities, with the first machines being delivered now.

"The partnership with IGEMS represents a pivotal step forward in our commitment to providing innovative and high-quality solutions to the North American market," said Don Kemper, President of Flex Machine Tools. "By combining IGEMS' exceptional software with Beckhoff''s leading-edge hardware on our FlexJet machines, we are setting a new benchmark for precision, efficiency, and reliability in waterjet cutting technology."

Josefin Larsson, CEO of IGEMS stated, "IGEMS has over 40 years of experience developing CAD/CAM software for the waterjet cutting industry worldwide. To be able to perform the best cutting result, we started developing our own CNC controller six years ago, and with installations already in Europe, we are proud to now launch our CNC to the U.S. market together with our partner Flex Machine Tools."

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[Enhanced Waterjet Features New CNC Control, CAD/CAM Software, and Tilter Cutting Head]

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