InOrbit Unveils AI-Powered Robot Optimization

InOrbit.AI has introduced InOrbit RobOps Copilot™.

This innovative product harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to turn robot operations data into actionable insights in order to optimize autonomous robot fleets.

As robotics adoption rapidly accelerates and enters new industries, from supply chain to healthcare, end users must grapple with the complexity of running hundreds of robots across multiple locations, collectively generating vast amounts of data.

VIDEO: Introducing InOrbit RobOps Copilot

Now, with RobOps Copilot, actionable insights are available to anyone regardless of technical expertise.

Leveraging the latest large language models (LLMs), RobOps Copilot enables users to ask questions in their preferred language, get detailed explanations, refine their analysis, and arrive at key optimization decisions, seamlessly transitioning between their favorite messaging platform for casual queries and a fully integrated experience with chat-driven dashboard explorations.

"While there's a lot of hype about AI and robotics, we're actually putting the latest developments in machine learning and LLMs to work for real people optimizing real robots," said Florian Pestoni, Co-founder and CEO of InOrbit. "InOrbit RobOps Copilot gives the operations team in warehouses, manufacturing plants or hospitals the power to understand and refine the behavior of their robots, making sense of vast amounts of data without needing a Ph.D. in robotics."

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[InOrbit Unveils AI-Powered Robot Optimization]

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