Star Cutter's New 5-Axis Tool Grinder Offers Ultimate Flexibility to Easily Match Your Shop's Needs

At IMTS 2024, Star Cutter Company will unveil its newest generation tool grinder -- the FLX.

This 5-axis grinder offers high-efficiency carbide tool manufacturing within a compact footprint. It has been designed with a focus on flexibility, enabling users to modify features to exactly match their grinding needs. For unattended machining, FLX features a broad range of automation capability, producing large numbers of parts continuously.

The machine flexibility includes an ergonomic design with adjustable features that allow personalized setup to ensure operator comfort. With a grind zone of up to 203mm in length and 19.05mm in diameter, the FLX accommodates a wide variety of tool sizes. This breadth of processing is supported by up to 15 wheel changing stations with wheels of up to 6" in diameter, as well by intuitive Flexium Pro CNC, the newest control platform from NUM, helping to streamline operations.

Additionally, the machine can be equipped with truly modular automation that makes field implementation easy, while providing for optimal part quantity and wheel changing. Using waterfall programming, FLX can produce up to 1105 tools (3-7mm diameters) before unloading.

FLX is designed to be precise and accurate in both controlled and uncontrolled climate conditions, giving it broad application across industry, even in harsh environments. It features reduced warmup time, elimination of redundant chiller systems, and 35mm linear carriages for durable machine movement and longevity.

The FLX has a footprint of 72" W x 55" D (94.5" D with the automation model), and a height of 73.3". Machines weigh 7,000 lbs. (9,000 lbs. with automation). Other options include a bolt-on tooling rail with T-slot construction, runout minimizer, and a two-wheel changer (for non-automated machines).

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[Star Cutter's New 5-Axis Tool Grinder Offers Ultimate Flexibility to Easily Match Your Shop's Needs]

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