Matsuura's Large-Capacity HMC Ideal for Highly-Accurate and Efficient, Unmanned Production

Matsuura's H.Plus horizontal machining centers are highly productive machine tools with high speed, rigidity, precision, reliability and low cost of ownership. The series delivers long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high accuracy and exceptionally efficient production.

Since the series' debut in 2000, more than 2,000 Matsuura H.Plus machining centers have been installed worldwide in various industries, including: aerospace, aircraft, automobile, medical and precision subcontractors.

The Matsuura H.Plus-405 possesses increased size and capacity, offering a pallet size of 500 x 500 mm (19.69 x 19.69 in.). Fast and precise, the Matsuura H.Plus-405 is a large-capacity horizontal machining center for high-speed milling and contouring and versatility to handle a wide range of production requirements.

The H.Plus-405 provides a cost effective horizontal solution for components of Ø700 x H850mm (Ø27.55 x H33.46 in.). As with all other models in the H.Plus Series, tool and pallet storage options can be easily expanded upon. These options can be retrofitted in the field, with minimum machine downtime.

VIDEO: NTG's new Matsuura H.Plus-405 multi-pallet horizontal machining center

The H.Plus-405 is widely used in aerospace, automotive and is a popular investment with precision subcontractors where versatility and capability are paramount.

The H.Plus-405 comes standard with a 12,000 rpm BT40 taper spindle that delivers high torque at low speeds and 30 HP (direct drive) at high speeds. Its high helical rigidity virtually eliminates backlash. Optional 20,000 rpm and 30,000 rpm spindles, coolant-through spindle, and high-pressure coolant systems with temperature controllers are also available.

Matsuura NC software features an intuitive visual interface that makes the H.Plus-405 easy to program and operate. Three-dimensional graphic display is available for real-time, on-screen workpiece simulation.

Performance features of the H.Plus-405 include low noise and low vibration. The cast-iron bed has substantial ribbing and thick outer walls, forming a highly rigid base that is stabilized by a 5-point leveling system. All axes are equipped with telescopic, pantographic-type guards. The rigid, twin-walled column is thermally symmetric. To prevent the accumulation of swarf/chips inside the machine, the telescopic Z-axis cover has a steep slope; chips fall into gutters and are removed by coolant flow.

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[Matsuura's Large-Capacity HMC Ideal for Highly-Accurate and Efficient, Unmanned Production]

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