Innovative Back SpotFacing Tools Achieve Tight Tolerances and Excellent Surface Finishes

HEULE Precision Tools' Back SpotFacing (BSF) Tooling is ideal for counterbores up to 2.3 x diameter and ranging in size from 6.5mm to 20.5mm (0.256" to 0.807"). The tooling is available with three activation methods to suit any machining environment, including, (1) CNC machines with through-spindle coolant with at least 300 psi, (2) CNC machines with through-spindle air with at least 60 psi, and (3) a new manual version with easy collar locking /unlocking mechanism.

BSF tooling is designed for CNC machining and functions without an anti-rotation device, change of spindle direction, or contact mechanism, allowing components to be spot faced in the same direction as the bore is drilled. This saves the time and cost of turning the work piece, while allowing the spot-facing of difficult to reach areas like casting flanges, and bolt head faces.

VIDEO: Heule's BSF Tool: Mastering Automated Back Spotfacing in High Production Manufacturing

The simple swing mechanism combined with one of the three activation methods yields optimal cutting performance, resulting in consistent spot facing and fewer scrapped parts. BSF tooling is stocked in the Cincinnati area warehouse for immediate shipment. They are ideal for gear housings, yokes, engine casings, and other parts in a wide range of materials.

Simple, Reliable Operation

The blade expands using centrifugal force when activating the spindle, and retracts from coolant pressure, air pressure, or manually, which moves a piston to depress a pin which retracts the closed blade into the blade housing.

The tool works both vertically and horizontally, with replaceable carbide-coated blades for extended tool life. Designed for optimal cutting performance, chip removal, and reliability, the BSF coolant-through tool and blade feature special coolant pipes and chip-guiding geometries that continuously flush the blade window and the blade itself with coolant. This keeps the work area clean and allows for optimal chip removal. All tool components and blades are easy to replace.

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[Innovative Back SpotFacing Tools Achieve Tight Tolerances and Excellent Surface Finishes]

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