Clamping System Adapts to Your Workpiece -- Saves Time and Money on Setup

The Hainbuch System adapts to your workpiece. It allows you to clamp 1,000 different workpieces and gives you everything you need for complete machining.

You need only one basic clamping device -- a chuck or a stationary chuck that remains on the machine. For O.D., I.D., jaw or magnetic clamping, or clamping between centers you then use adaptations -- without having to accept any compromises.

The workpiece defines the adaptation and converts your basic clamping device for the particular application. This solution reduces set-up time while increasing flexibility.

VIDEO: Hainbuch System

You will therefore be optimally prepared for every clamping situation -- whether in turning, milling, or grinding.

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[Clamping System Adapts to Your Workpiece -- Saves Time and Money on Setup]

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