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New Website Offers Expanded Search for Machining, Tube Cutting, and Welding Tools

A completely upgraded website featuring a broad line of portable welding end prep tools, pneumatic saws, and accessories for machining and cutting tube, pipe, pipelines, boiler tube panels and other metalworking applications is being introduced by ESCO Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

The ESCO MILLHOG® Website features an expanded search capability which lets users select tools based upon product type, tool model, and tube size or application of the tool. Easy to filter, the search then offers a choice of tools to select from, provides photos of each, then a page for each with a detailed description, key features, specifications, application photos, a parts list, options, ordering information, and an easy RFQ capability.

Major categories of the new ESCO MILLHOG® Website include products, rentals, applications, news and events, about the company, and a user login to view order history. Each product section allows users to build their own kits including an extensive chart of available cutter blades, clamps, pads, and other options and then request a quote for purchase or rental. Tools have a working range from 1/2" I.D. to 36" O.D. and saws from 6" to 60" O.D.

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