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Benchtop Laser Engraver Now Offers Fast Marks and Good Surface Depth by Remote Control

Gravograph expands its line of laser engraving systems with the Fibre300. This streamline, Class 1 enclosure offers an ergonomic U-shaped door and handheld remote control.

The Fibre300's Galvo 30W laser supplies fast marks with good surface depth on most metals, stainless steel, alloys, and reflective materials such as silver, platinum, copper, brass and gold.

The spacious marking chamber (582 x 525mm/23" x 21") handles small to large batch engraving projects with ease. The design also accommodates rotary devices. The Z-axis -- range up to 300mm/12" -- makes it easy to engrave different shaped and sized parts. This air cooled laser system is ideal for engraving tools, identification plates, kitchenware, and many other types of manufactured components. No consumables needed.

The handheld controller's large buttons make driving the Z-axis, the embedded work area light, focusing diode, fume extractor and an optional automatic door fast and easy.

Safety features include: tight rubber door seal, sensors, anti-trap system, large IR L6 viewing window and emergency stop on the remote control.

The LaserStyle™ software is intuitive, multi-lingual and easy to use. Capabilities range from simple alphanumeric text strings and logos to more advanced identifying marks such barcodes and DataMatrix. LaserStyle™ also offers advanced features such as dials and scales assistance and a multi-plate matrix wizard.

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