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Portable Inkjet Marker Replaces Those Antiquated Stencils, Stamps, and Roll Coders

The small but powerful MB-EBS250 Portable Inkjet Marker is the handheld computer-controlled, wireless way to mark almost any material, even around curved objects, quickly and easily.

Replacing antiquated stencils, stamps and roll coders, the MB-EBS250 is ideal in identification and traceability applications for civil, industrial and commercial industries. Ideal applications include serial numbers, time/date stamps, tracking numbers/letters and logos.

With a marking area of 1.06. (27mm) high, the MB-EBS250 can print up to 10 lines of text. The unit uses Windows® based True Type fonts can accommodate 1500 characters, including a built-in control character, and can render logos and symbols. A variety of ink colors are available.

The MB-EBS250 is battery operated and cable-free, operating for up to 50 hours continuously before requiring recharge. The printing unit itself can be programmed up to 300 feet away from the computer using Industrial Bluetooth Technology.

The MB-EBS25 marks a variety of materials legibly and durably with solvent-based ink and 16 nozzles. Printable materials include metal processing (pipe, sheet, barrels, shelving).

A key benefit to the MB-EBS250 is its easy-to-handle size. At 2.9. W x 10.04. H x 8.75. D (74mm x 255mm x 222mm), the unit is convenient for a variety of operators in different environments.

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