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New Tool Locking System Eliminates Cutter Pullout in Even the Most Demanding Applications

REGO-FIX recently unveiled its new secuRgrip anti-pull system that locks the collet and cutter to the toolholder body to eliminate cutter slippage during demanding metal removal applications so that the only possible failure mode is that of the cutting tool.

As a new feature of the company's powRgrip® product series, which includes holders, collets and a mini-press, secuRgrip works by utilizing the powRgrip's tremendous gripping strength in conjunction with a patented locking system and threaded cap.

With secuRgrip's added levels of cutting tool security, manufacturers, especially those within the aerospace industry, can experience greater confidence when machining expensive castings and materials or complex parts. The secuRgrip system has a TIR of 0.0001" and enables manufacturers to preset their tool heights. Furthermore, REGO-FIX customers can modify their existing powRgrip holders for use with the system.

According to David McHenry, senior product engineer for REGO-FIX, even with the highest clamping forces in the industry, there are still those applications that require additional safety measures. In fact, REGO-FIX developed the state-of-the-art secuRgrip system in response to customer demand for a fail-safe system.

Unlike other systems, secuRgrip does not require the purchase of expensive specially modified endmills, but rather makes use of existing standard carbide or HSS endmill designs. Standard ground notches found on most Weldon-type endmills readily accept the locking key insert of the secuRgrip system for fast and easy assembling.

The secuRgrip system quickly comes together by placing the small, profiled locking key insert into the flat of an industry-standard Weldon-type endmill. The endmill is then screwed into a collet with the same thread pattern. Next, the collet assembly is securely and accurately pressed together using the powRgrip mini-press before a small retaining cap is added to the outside of the holder to secure the collet to the holder.

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