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Energy Efficient Laser Cutting System Offers New Higher Wattage Options for Faster Feed Rates and Quicker Pierce Times

The BySprint Pro 3015 features a highly efficient ByLaser CO2 laser source and high machine dynamics making it a productive high-speed laser cutting system.

New options for the BySprint Pro 3015 include the choice of either a ByLaser 4400 or the new ByLaser 6000 watt. The higher wattage option provides for faster feed rates and quicker pierce times across the full material range and a lower cost per part.

Additional option includes an automatic nozzle changer which provides up to 40 nozzles and a unique CNC controlled automatic nozzle centering, which is standard.

The economic efficiency of the BySprint Pro starts with the laser source, thanks to the wear-free solid state power supplies and the magnetic-bearing turbine. The electrical power consumption is noticeably lower not only due to the high efficiency of the laser source but also because the excitation is automatically switched off when the protective door is opened as well as when the machine is at standby.

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