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New Precision, Laser-Cut Braze Plugs Block the Holes Left in Castings

Custom laser cut braze plugs that are used to block holes left in castings and are then brazed prior to finish machining are being introduced by Advanced Laser Technologies of Stoneham, Massachusetts.

Advanced Laser Technologies' Braze Plugs are suitable for filling the holes left in a casting that allow access to the I.D. where additional machining is required. Precision laser cut, these plugs are then brazed into the casting which is subsequently heat treated and finish machined.

Supplied in any high nickel based superalloy to precisely match the cast materials, Advanced Laser Technologies' Braze Plugs are laser cut using nitrogen to prevent a recast (oxide) layer. Cut to customer specification, typical plugs are 0.180" L x 0.080" W x 0.080" D, plus/minus 0.005".

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