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Twin Spindle Machine Offers High Speeds and High Degree of Rigidity; Ideal for Dry Machining

With the development of the LiFLEX modular system in the middle of the last decade, Licon mt was able to manufacture machines to individual customer needs.

This modular approach to machine building, originating in Laupheim/ Ulm, Germany is now utilized worldwide and incorporates and utilizes all the functional modules of a machine tool.

The newest model in Licon's portfolio, LiFLEX II 444, is small, compact, and highly attractive to the market on account of its excellent price / performance ratio. This twin spindle machine provides economies for producing intermediate volume parts.

Particularly impressive is the high degree of rigidity and the machining speeds obtained while simultaneous loading this HSK 100 machining center. This machine, because of its 5 axis capability is very suitable for dry (or near dry) machining.

This machine fulfills requirements by providing a spindle distance of 450 mm and strokes of 400 mm (X), 400 mm (Y) and 420 mm (Z), as well as a 5th axis swing trunnion designed for this application.

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