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New Turn/Mill Machine Offers 300 mm Y-Stroke, Biggest in its Class

The new CTX beta 2000 TC is a convincing addition to DMG Mori Seiki's CTX TC series and offers an affordable entry into turn-mill complete machining of workpieces with turning lengths of up to 2000 mm. Among other things, the world premier convinces with a large work envelope for workpieces up to Ø550 x 2,050 mm, the biggest Y-stroke in its class, and the possibility to use a steady rest for workpieces up to Ø350 mm.

For demanding complete machining applications, the machine offers main and counter spindles with a torque of up to 770 Nm. Furthermore, the powerful turn-mill spindle with speeds of up to 18.000 min-1 offers the machining of complex work- pieces and 5-axis simultaneous machining. The high flexibility is underscored by the tool magazines' capacity of up to 100 pockets and the option to use tools with lengths of up to 700 mm.

With Z-travels of 2,050 mm and a turning diameter of 550 mm, the new CTX beta 2000 TC is positioned between the smaller CTX beta 1250 TC and the large CTX gamma 2000 TC and perfectly complements the turn-mill machining center series.

Exclusive Technology-Cycles for easy shopfloor programming completes the CTX beta 2000 TC's huge range of possible applications. Time savings of up to 60% can be achieved. Eccentric turning and milling functions or special threads, generated by the multi-thread cycle, can be generated without CAD/CAM systems.

The CTX beta 2000 TC comes with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solution line. Operate 4.5 is DMG MORI SEIKI's new platform for all machines with SIEMENS control -- from entry to high-end models. Operate 4.5 encompasses a machine tool's complete automation technology from drives to the CNC control. Additionally, Operate 4.5 offers users a uniform user interface for all technologies. Altogether, Operate 4.5 is a complete performance package for maximum machining productivity.

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