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Revolutionary MicroFLOAT Tap Holders Increase Tap Life Up to 295%

Teckniks' MicroFLOAT Quick-Change Tap Holders feature tension/compression float technology optimized specifically for rigid tapping, greatly improving overall tap performance. The revolutionary design increases tap life, decreases scrap rates, and improves thread quality.

During the tapping cycle, the load on the tap peaks as the spindle reverses direction, a common cause of tap breakage. The MicroFLOAT Tap System greatly reduces this load, stabilizing the tap throughout its cycle, resulting in unparalleled performance and increasing tap life up to 295%.

MicroFLOAT Quick-Change Tap Holders are available for CAT40, CAT50, BT30, BT40 and HSK63A spindles. Using extensions you can create gauge lengths up to 9", eliminating the need to buy special holders. Coolant-thru is standard on all MicroFLOAT tap holders.

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