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New Software Optimized for Machining Bladed Parts and Simplifying Machining of Engine Ports

Gibbs and Associates has announced two new options for GibbsCAM specifically developed to simplify the 5-axis programming required to make turbomachinery parts and also a new option for 5-Axis Porting.

5-Axis MultiBlade Options

The new options for turbomachinery parts have user interfaces that are optimized for fast selection of geometry and toolpath parameters to program machining of impellers, blisks (bladed disks) and blings (bladed rings). These bladed parts, which are used in compressing gas and liquids, or transporting them under pressurized flow, are common components in the aerospace, automotive and power generation industries.

GibbsCAM's new MultiBlade option is specialized to simplify the programming of turbomachinery parts, such as the impeller shown here.



Each of the two new software options targets different levels of specialization and part complexity in bladed-part manufacturing. While 5-Axis MultiBlade Level 1 is designed for parts of simpler to moderate complexity, 5-Axis MultiBlade Level 2 increases the selectable toolpath options to accommodate the most complex bladed parts, which may have multiple smaller blades (known as splitters and sub-splitters) between the main blades. The GibbsCAM 5-Axis MultiBlade options operate within the GibbsCAM 5-Axis software, accommodate both 5-axis machining centers and multi-task machines, and are available immediately.

5-Axis Porting Option

The new 5-Axis Porting option provides a specialized interface optimized for the machining processes and cutting tool motion required to machine tubular openings that change shape and curvature from one end to the other. The Porting option complements GibbsCAM 5-Axis by enabling easier and faster programming of port-like openings through a condensed interface that provides toolpath options and machining strategies optimized for machining such open shapes.

GibbsCAM's new Porting option is optimized for the machining of engine ports and other similar tubular-shaped parts.



Designed to accommodate the motorsports industry, where engine performance is frequently increased by optimizing flow through ports, manifolds and throttle bodies with specialized machining, the 5-Axis Porting option can increase the efficiency of programming and machining any parts with openings that change profile and curvature from end to end.

In addition to simplifying and speeding up the programming process, the GibbsCAM 5-Axis MultiBlade options and Porting option generate cleaner, more efficient toolpaths for faster machining, better surface finish, and higher quality parts.

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