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Cost-Effective, Simple System for Controlling Lubricant Application

Industrial Innovations' Spra-Rite Alpha Lubricating System provides an effective, reliable, and value-priced solution for controlling lubricant application to stamped, drawn material or the tooling process, and is well-suited for smaller pressrooms and vanishing oil applications. The Alpha Lubricating System is a simple-to-install, turnkey lubricant application solution inclusive of the controller, injector manifolds, stainless steel tank, nozzles and tubing.

The process control module offers numeric programming for up to six injector valves as well as a 'purge or test' feature. As with all Spra-Rite solutions, each injector is independently controlled, allowing for precise control of lubricant placement and volume as it is applied to the workpiece or tooling. The controller also allows for users to independently skip press cycles for pre-programmed stroke counts.

Each system comes with a five-gallon stainless steel reservoir with a liquid regulator, air relief valve and strainer. Also included is Industrial Innovations' patented zero-drip 'Z'-nozzle assemblies with high pressure 1000 PSI burst pressure tubing for connecting the nozzles to the injector manifold assembly.

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