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New Laser Cutting Machine's Lower Wattage and Lower Cost Ideal for Entry Level Market

Mitsubishi is introducing a newer, more accessible version of the 2D eX laser cutting machine, the most productive and efficient 2D laser machine yet. Replacing former LVP series, eX is the fifth generation in a line of powerful 2D Mitsubishi Lasers. The machine delivers low running costs and eco-friendly features for power and gas consumption, and stable operation for greater productivity. New to the show will be 3015 eX-S Edition, featuring a 2700 watt resonator.

"The new lower wattage model eX lowers the price point enough to bring the line of product offerings into new, entry level markets," says Bill Isaac, VP of Mitsubishi Laser. "Between the two machines, the eX line is now comprehensive in terms of operator needs and capabilities."

The eX line features an eco mode that cuts running costs by up to 90 percent during standby. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by around 30 percent compared to competitor machines. The machine's new compact design provides a small footprint without reducing table size.

An automated cell will also be on a 3015 NX-F Fiber Laser, which comes standard with a fiber laser oscillator, a z-axis linear drive, head preset auto-focus processing, a 64-bit NC with 15-in. touch screen NC-panel, and more. The stroke on the NX-F will be 125.9" (3198 mm) by 62.9" (1598 mm) by 4.7" (119 mm), with positioning accuracy of 0.0019/20" (0.05/500 mm). And the rapid traverse rate on the single axis machines will be 4724 in. (120 m) per minute, or 6680 in. (170 m) per minute on simultaneous machines.

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